My Story

My name is Monique Bean, in 1999 I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Hemophagocytic Syndrome. I spent months in the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and a year and a half undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed. During my time of receiving chemotherapy, my parents would take me to the Ronald McDonald House on the two days I was able to leave my hospital room and signed me up to be a “wish kid”. It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! The kindness they showed not only to me, but to my family as well, was unprecedented. It did not stop upon my discharge from the hospital but continued through my trip to Disney World and well into my adulthood. I want to provide hope to as many lives of children as possible. By me once being where they are at and now thriving and enjoying life, would be a great example of what they have to look forward to. Encouraging words are sometimes disregarded when coming from someone who has not felt the same pain. When a person can share the pain, emotional distress and fear, one can take heed to their words of how they overcame the circumstances. The confidence I see rising in others after sharing my story reciprocates confidence within me to accept myself for who I am after everything I have experienced and continue to go through.