Who We Are



We contribute to the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” and the “Inner City Youth of Erie PA”helping hands, by collectively granting wishes to children battling life threatening illnesses and helping the children of Erie’s Inner City achieve a well being, find their purpose and support their dreams. Give Hope A Hand will help grant wishes, but also build self-esteem by relating to and encouraging children to love and believe in themselves. We want children to feel beautiful while looking in a mirror, and know that they are important and do have a purpose in life. That purpose is to love and believe in themselves.

Wishes don’t just happen by themselves. The“Make-A-Wish Foundation”, with the help of wonderfully considerate volunteers, staff, and donors, help make each wish all that child could imagine! The “Inner City Youth of Erie PA” gives new meaning to the saying “It takes a village” and this village encourages the child, while also cares, and is sympathetic, for the needs of that family.. Our goal for Give Hope A Hand is to be that donor, that volunteer, that helping hand that helps in any way possible these amazing foundations. Whether it’s financially, emotionally, physically with a hand to give. If we can inspire at least one child and put a smile on their face the way, our founder, Monique Bean, was inspired with her “wish” it is all so worth it.